Read 10,000 books and travel 10,000 miles. Learning base research is to extend the classroom to the motherland, but also to capture the glow of the nature and the beauty of the Earth that can’t be found in the textbook, so that children can study through experience. Get out of the campus, approach the culture, touch the history, let the child to exercise in the real society, in the visit experience and in the team sense. Let's go on the way.


This study, we start from the Hongcun of Huangshan, through Chengkan, came to the tea Culture Museum, through the Tong Yue Archway Group, visit Bao Family Garden. We also visited the Chinese Xuan Paper Culture Museum, and finally, came to the old site of Army, Yun Ling, to listen to the story of the difficult times during the war years.


On the first day of study, children came to the scenic national key Cultural Relics Protection Units, the patriotic education base in Anhui Province, the National 5 A-Class scenic spot-Hongcun.
Hongcun is regarded as the "Chinese painting in the countryside", because of the higher terrain, cloudy weather, sometimes it turns the color such as splashing ink heavy color. It blends in natural landscape and cultural landscape as one. It is a unique bull-shaped ancient village.


In the Hongcun, accompanied by the drizzle, tread the green Slate road, along the white wall gray tile, green trees, our children seem to cross back to the last hundred years ago, washing the body and mind. In this ancient rhyme of the architectural complex, we propped up the drawing board intending to use the hand of the brush, the eyes of the ancient beauty to record on the paper, engrave in the heart.


After the sketch, teachers and students came to the "Nanhu College" with 200 years’ history. Students recited poetry and did a moment of contemporary "small book students."


That evening, teachers and students held a bonfire party together, the children temporarily signed up, in the stage confidently and graciously impromptu performance of one literary and artistic program after another. The strong friendship between teachers and students overflew the whole scene and touched the heart.


"Eat" and "live" is the top priority of life, "Eat a reunion meal" is also a big project in Chinese traditional culture. Children opened their bellies, with delicious food to soothe their day's toil!


Walk the road for a day, look at the beauty of the day, Students learned a lot of knowledge. After that, they immersed themselves in a sweet dream. After this collective life, children learned to do a lot of things themselves, but also become more independent and braver. And behind these sleeping faces, are the careful care and waiting of every accompanying teacher. What the children know is that the teachers help themselves take pictures, organize and dry their hair, and what the children don't know is that these silent night watchmen will quietly tuck in their horns.


In the early morning of the second day of study, teachers and students went to another ancient town with beautiful scenery and profound cultural heritage—Chengkan, It has become a great miracle in the history of the construction of ancient villages in China, which has always been regarded as Huizhou's feng shui treasure.


China is known as the "State of Etiquette". The etiquette culture of Chinese civilization also has a profound impact on all countries in the world. Adhering to the "Chinese background, international characteristics" concept, Hefei Ivy Experimental School always hope that children can "know the root, grateful return." In this trip, teachers and students are dressed in Chinese clothes, learning a true traditional cultural ceremony.


Chinese found and used tea, it is said to have started in the Shennong era. Hefei is located in Huizhou which is famous for tea in the land of Shenzhou. We drank tea, tea, went into the tea garden, be a "tea-picking boy." Children experienced tea picking, tea making, "well-intentioned" with a hat filled with their own good tea, the intention to take home to mom and dad.


After that we visited tea museum, listened to tea stories and drank tea together.


At this point, we are beginning to look forward to the next stop of the journey. Next, the "Ivy" came to the beautiful Shexian County Tong Yue Arch Group. It is located on the East Avenue of Tong Yue Cun, Zheng Cun, Shexian County, Anhui Province, and is a masterpiece of ancient Huizhou architectural art during the Ming and Qing dynasties.


Walk into Bao Garden-China's largest private garden and bonsai viewing ground. She is located in the unique Tong Yue Archway Group, to the emblem of bonsai as the theme, at the same time, the collection of bonsai essence of various schools at home and abroad.


This afternoon, at the basketball courts, three instructors and senior children played basketball friendly.Happiness is contagious, and the children of the lower grades also started the basketball game together under the organization of the PE teacher section teacher?


On the third day, the "Ivy Team" came to the old site of China Xuan Paper Culture Park and Army Ridge. In China Xuan Paper Culture Park, children can not only visit the ancient Law Xuan paper production technology to pass on thousands of years, understand the ink, MO, pen, inkstone, fan, paper curtain and other production technology, but also can experience the production of papers, ink, pens, inkstone, fan, paper curtain.


Army Military Museum site Memorial Hall, located in the beautiful environment of Jing County, Yun Ling Town, covers an area of 200 million square meters.
Here, children listened to the history of the anti-Japanese war, deeply appreciated the hard-won peace of life today. Hefei Ivy Experimental School often teaches children that patriotism is not an empty talk, but it is from the side of the little things.
The work done today is a step towards success in the future, which is patriotic; eating without waste is a little contribution to saving resources, which is patriotic; respect for, unity and fraternity, setting an example for those around you, which is also patriotic


The three-day study tour soon came to an end, wasn't it a bit of a hesitation? What are the children's gains from this trip? Where are we going next time? The exploration of teachers and students belonging to Hefei Ivy Experimental school is far from over, we have been on the road! Why don't you come join us, too?